Ulster Presbyterians in the Atlantic world

Religion, politics and identity

Mark G. Spencer & David A. Wilson, editors

Hardback €49.50
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ISBN: 1-85182-949-0
June 2006. 176pp.

'A welcome addition to the Ulster and Scotland Series as it deals specifically with the most important connection between Ulster and Scotland, namely, Presbyterianism. Moreover, it also draws attention to the transatlantic character of Presbyterianism that has been the source of much mythologising from the Victorian period to the present day ... [T]his is a useful and well-edited collection of essays that deals with a central theme in the history of both Ireland and its diasporas. It is hoped that this represents a new awareness of the contribution of Presbyterians to both stories and, especially, of the importance of taking Presbyterian religion seriously in any discussion of the relationships between Ulster, Scotland, and America', Andrew R. Holmes, Irish Economic and Social History (2007).

‘…the book provides an extremely useful series of studies of aspects of the Ulster Presbyterian Atlantic communities …The collection is tied together by common themes; but there is also rich diversity in evidence-but not too much diversity to prevent coherence. David Miller's use of the concept of a Scottish diaspora to bring together three sites of Presbyterianism (Scotland, Ulster and the Americas) is a particularly impressive offering. His account is wide-ranging, cerebral, and demonstrates a quite remarkable knowledge of the variations in Presbyterian forms across time, space and place … The collection is a fine addition to Four Courts' growing series of books on Ulster culture and migration. Moreover, it hangs together rather better than most collections of essays. In part, this is due to the impressive work of individual authors. But it is also a measure of the intelligent and coherent editorial introduction, which is a model for editors considering similar projects’, Donald M. Macraild,The English Historical Review (2008).