The University of Ulster

Genesis and growth

Gerard O'Brien & Peter Roebuck, editors

Hardback €49.50
Catalogue Price: €55.00
ISBN: 978-1-84682-139-4
March 2009. 200pp.

‘Here a collection of historians and academics chart the university’s growth, mark its major achievements, and remember the outstanding figures associated with it … [T]his is exceptionally well illustrated in both monochrome and colour, and the page layout is inviting. Student numbers at different times are provided in appendices’, Books Ireland (March 2009).

‘This rather hybrid book, not quite an official history and not quite an independent survey, perhaps suitably reflects the hybridity of UU itself, which, the editors tell us, crossing the university/polytechnic divide, was ‘among the more seminal developments in higher education in the United Kingdom and Ireland during the later twentieth century’ and the merger from which it arose was ‘so successful’ that it was ‘a turning point leading to a transformation of the UK higher education sector’ … there are [also] some excellent pictures', Keith Jeffery, Familia: Ulster genealogical review (2009).