The rituals and rhetoric of Queenship

Medieval to early modern

Liz Oakley-Brown & Louise J. Wilkinson, editors

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September 2009. 288pp.

Part I: Rituals

The imperial marriage of Isabella of England, Henry III’s sister
Louise J. Wilkinson

Philippa of Lancaster, queen of Portugal: educator and reformer
Manuela Santos Silva

Elizabeth of York: mother of the Tudor dynasty
Jacqueline Johnson

Mary Tudor: the first queen of England
Anna Whitelock

Lousy with cousins: Elizabeth I’s family at court
Kristin Bundesen

Troubled eulogies: queenship and sexuality in Lylyan drama
Shehzana Mamujee

Part II: Rhetoric

‘So mutable is that sexe’: Queen Elizabeth Woodville in Polydore Vergil’s Anglica historia and Sir Thomas More’s History of King Richard III
Kavita Mudan

‘Highe excellente Queene’: the rhetoric of majesty in diplomatic letters relating to Mary Queen of Scots
Alison Findlay

Conversations on kingship: the letters of Queen Elizabeth I and King James VI
Rayne Allinson

The words of a queen: Elizabeth I on stage and page
Lisa Hopkins

Anne Clifford: appropriating the rhetoric of queens to become the lady of the North
Jessica L. Malay

Part III: Subverting the rituals and rhetoric of Queenship

‘Which thing had not before been seen’: the rituals and rhetoric of the execution of Anne Boleyn, England’s first criminal queen
Nadia Bishai

Unqueening the queen: the Spanish image of Anne Boleyn
Paula de Pando

The queen’s desire: George Buchanan reading Mary Queen of Scots
Sandra Bell

Contemporary visions of Mary Stuart’s execution: saintliness and vilification
Leticia Álvarez-Recio

‘My lord, be ruled by me’: Shakespeare’s Tamora and the failure of queenship
Liz Oakley-Brown

Part IV: Towards theorizing the rituals and rhetoric of Queenship

Ageing out Catholicism: representing Mary Tudor’s body
Sabine Lucia Müller

Political visions: the two bodies of Elizabeth I
Elisabeth Bronfen and Barbara Straumann