Taking sides?

Colonial and confessional menalités in early modern Ireland

Vincent Carey & Ute Lotz-Heumann, edtiors

Hardback €58.50
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ISBN: 1-85182-683-1
January 2003. 320pp.

‘This collection of essays offers some important insights on the religious, social and cultural history of early modern Ireland and its subsequent representation … it brings together a range of contributions from scholars in Ireland, Europe and North America’, Clodagh Tait, Irish Historical Studies.

‘Carey and Lotz-Heumann have eloquently presented each essay in the context of the wide-ranging interests and overarching themes that best describe Bottigheimer’s work. … This book is a wonderful tribute to Karl Bottigheimer', Sandra Hynes, Irish Literary Supplement.

‘These essays provide fresh perspectives on early modern Ireland', Liam Chambers, Royal Stuart Review.