Revising Robert Burns and Ulster

Literature, religion and politics, c.1770–1920

Frank Ferguson & Andrew R. Holmes, editors

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-197-4
August 2009. 200pp.

Presbyterian religion, poetry, and politics in Ulster, 1770–1850
Andrew R. Homes

‘Burns the Conservative’: revising the Lowland Scottish tradition in Ulster poetry
Frank Ferguson

The independence of the Ulster-Scots poetic tradition
Carol Baraniuk

Samuel Thomson and the poetics of Ulster Scots identity
Jennifer Orr

Robert Burns and Ulster, 1786–c.1830
John Erskine  

Collecting Burns in the north of Ireland, 1844–1902
Frank Ferguson, John Erskine & Roger Dixon

Northern fiction after Carleton
Norman Vance

Presbyterianism in Irish fiction, 1780–1920
Colin Walker