Propagating the word of Irish dissent, 1650–1800

Kevin Herlihy, editor

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July 1998. 140pp.

The Literary Practices of Dissent
David D. Hall

'A good and godly exercise': Singing the Word in Irish Dissent, 1660–1701
Raymond Gillespie

General Synod of Ulster's policy on the use of the Irish language in the early eighteenth-century: questions about implementation
Terence McCaughey

'The Last day I sate on this Board ... ': sermons recorded at Youghal, Bandon and Mallow, 1676–1688
Katherine P. Meyer

Sanctified by the Word: Huguenots and Anglican Liturgy
Ruth Whelan

'The Ministry of Ethics': Francis Hutcheson and the language of New Light theology
Michael Brown

Education and dissemination of the Word: a Baptist library in the eighteenth century 
Elizabethanne Boran