Political Ideology in Ireland, 1541–1641

Hiram Morgan

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September 1999. 256pp.

Beyond Spenser: a historiographical introduction to the study of political ideas in early modern Ireland
Hiram Morgan

Giraldus Cambrensis and the Tudor conquest of Ireland
Hiram Morgan

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Innovation and tradition: Irish Gaelic responses to conquest and colonization
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The Irish face of Machiavelli: Richard Beacon's Solon his follie (1594) and republican ideology in the conquest of Ireland
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Poetry as politics: a view of the present state of the Faerie Queene
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Ideology and experience: Spenser's View and martial law in Ireland
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The anatomy of Jacobean Ireland: Captain Barnaby Rich, Sir John Davies and the failure of Reform, 1609–22
Eugene Flanagan

Political thought of Irish Counter-Reformation churchmen: the testimony of the 'Analecta' of Bishop David Rothe
Colm Lennon

James Ussher and the godly prince in early 17th-century Ireland
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Irish and Spanish cultural and political relations in the work of O'Sullivan Beare
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