Patterns in Dante

Cormac Ó Cuilleanáin & Jennifer Petrie, editors

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September 2005. 288pp.

Patterns in Dante’s imagery: a poetic exchange with Giovanni del Virgilio
Mark Davie

Allegory and figural patterns in the Commedia: a review
P. Armour

Dante’s handling of positive and negative patterns of human existence
John Took

Shadowy patterns in Dante
Jennifer Petrie

Patterns of enclosure in the Commedia
Cormac Ó Cuilleanáin

Patterns of language in the Commedia: a computer analysis
David Robey

The classical context of the Ulysses Canto
Michelangelo Picone

‘The ineffability topos’: Inferno: the language of Freud in lower hell
Giuseppe Mazzotta

Roman de la Rose: echoes
Cecil Grayson