Native lordship in medieval Scotland

The earldoms of Strathearn and Lennox, c.1140–1365

Cynthia J. Neville

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ISBN: 1-85182-890-7
May 2005. 288pp.

‘Neville writes in a prose that is accessible and informative … a valuable addition to a growing corpus on the uniqueness of the medieval Scottish experience’, John D. Hosler, Speculum.

‘Compared with other medieval states, Scotland has until recently been lacking in studies of the component political units from which the core of the kingdom was assembled … Cynthia Neville’s study goes a significant way towards rectifying the deficiency', Richard Oram, Society for Landscape Studies.

‘Cynthia Neville’s new volume is a very welcome addition to our understanding of the nature and evolution of native lordship in Gaelic Scotland. Taken as a whole, Neville offers an ambitious and convincing study of the cultural interactions between Gaels and foreigners in the earldoms of Strathearn and Lennox in the crucial years between 1140 and 1365, based primarily on the evidence of native charters ... This is a very well-researched and insightfully argued study of the realities of lordship and one that underscores the possibilities and fruitfulness of further nuanced and open-minded study of native lordship in this crucial period', Katherine K. Olson, Sixteenth Century Journal (Winter 2007).