Medieval Latin lyrics

Helen Waddell

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October 2008. 394pp.

With an introduction by John Scattergood.

Helen Waddell, born in Tokyo in 1889, died in London 1965, was educated in Belfast at Victoria College and the Queen’s University of Belfast. She lectured at Somerville College, Oxford, researched in Continental libraries and later for Constable, the publishers. Her most famous works include The Wandering Scholars (1927), a novel, Peter Abelard (1933) and Medieval Latin Lyrics, which was first published in 1929.

The fourth revised edition of Medieval Latin Lyrics was republished as a Penguin Classic in 1952. The present edition republishes Constable’s first edition of 1948.

This handsome new edition includes a new, lengthy introduction by Professor John Scattergood of Trinity College Dublin. It is beautifully produced in a new enlarged facsimile edition – bringing, to a new audience, the work of one of the great medievalists of her generation.