Medieval Dublin VIII

Seán Duffy, editor

Catalogue Price: €29.95
ISBN: 978-1-84682-043-4
Catalogue Price: €50.00
ISBN: 978-1-84682-042-7

April 2008. 328pp; ills.

‘Contains ten interesting and well-presented contributions covering a wide range of subject-matter’, Archaeology Ireland.

‘For anyone interested in medieval archaeology and history, the appearance (and more importantly, the regular reappearance) of the Medieval Dublin series has been one of the most important developments of the past decade … The contributors, as always, are a mixture of eminent academics, professionals in public service and private practice, and some younger scholars … Anyone with even a general interest in the history of Dublin, medieval culture and society or archaeology generally is likely to find this a volume well worth reading’, Andy Halpin, Irish Arts Review (Winter 2008).

Medieval Dublin VIII ... is yet another instalment in this important series of publications. Edited by Seán Duffy, this volume contains a variety of topics, including the Golden Lane excavations by Ed O’Donovan, which include evidence for Viking Age burials … Three separate papers look at different chronicles of medieval Dublin: Alan J. Fletcher looks at the city’s Latin annals, Ray Gillespie explores the ‘Dublin City Chronicle’, and Bernadette Cunningham considers the portrayal of Dublin in the late medieval Gaelic annals’, Archaeology Ireland (Winter 2008).

‘There is much on offer in these volumes for those interested in Dublin, Ireland, and the Irish Sea world — and more to come as the series continues', L. Abrams, English Historical Review (April 2010).

‘An extensive range of topics is covered, embracing archaeological excavations, early church buildings, Viking longphuirt, relationships between Ireland, England and the Isle of Man, as well as studies of annals and chronicles of medieval and early modern Dublin, and more besides … an important feature of all the volumes in this series to date has been the inclusion of in-depth analyses of recent and ongoing excavation work in various parts of Dublin City. This volume is no exception … the present volume is a credit to all the contributors for their high standard of academic excellence and their obvious enthusiasm for their subject. Together and individually they demonstrate that history is not merely a matter of the past, but is also very much a concern of the present, with the history of Dublin being uncovered year by year and brought to life for a new generations of Dublin’s citizens', David Kelly, Cuttings: Newsletter of the Forum for Medieval and Renaissance Studies in Ireland (June 2010).

‘This is the eighth volume in the excellent Medieval Dublin series … the whole series provides easily accessible, modestly priced reading for anyone seeking the latest results of research on medieval Dublin. Volume VIII has three excavation repors (on the Golden Lane, city wall and Merrion Castle sites); two papers on the lonphort and on Man, Ireland and England; three analyses of annals and chronicles; a review of pre-Romanesque churches in the Dublin area; environmental history extracted from a late medieval register; and finally, Howard Clarke’s memoir of the first thirty years of the Friends of Medieval Dublin … anyone wanting the latest results of work on medieval Dublin need go no further than this excellent series ably edited by Seán Duffy. Volume viii maintains the high standard of content and production set in Volume I', Derek Gore, Early Medieval Europe (2010).