The Laity and the Church of Ireland, 1000–2000

All sorts and conditions

Raymond Gillespie & W.G. Neely, editors

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June 2002. 384pp.

Raymond Gillespie

The layperson in the parish: the medieval inheritance, 1169–1536
Adrian Empey

I. Rock of Ages: the laity in an age of security

The shaping of a lay community in the Church of Ireland, 1558–1640
Colm Lennon

Parishes, pews and parsons: lay people and the Church of Ireland, 1647–1780
Toby Barnard

The development and limitations of Protestant ascendancy: the Church of Ireland laity in public life, c.1660–1740
David Hayton

Lay spirituality and worship, 1558–1750: holy books and godly readers
Raymond Gillespie

II. Change and Decay?: the laity in an age of flux

Protestant ascendancy challenged: the Church of Ireland laity and the public sphere, 1740–1869
Jacqueline Hill

An innovative people: the Church of Ireland laity, 1780–1830
Patrick Comerford

The laity in a changing society, 1830–1900
W.G. Neely

Disestablishment and the lay response
Kenneth Milne

Lay spirituality and worship, 1750–1950: a reading people
John Paterson

'Our people': the Church of Ireland and the culture of community in Dublin since Disestablishment
Martin Maguire

Buildings and faith: church building from medieval to modern
Paul Larmour and Stephen Mc Bride