James Hogan

Revolutionary, historian and political scientist

Donnchadh Ó Corráin

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ISBN: 978-1-85182-520-2
October 2001. 262pp.

Studies on the life and work of James Hogan (1898–1963), Director of Intelligence in the National Army during the Civil War and Professor of History at University College Cork (1920–63) – as a revolutionary, political activist, historian, and political scientist.

As historian, he worked in early medieval, Tudor and Commonwealth history, was an editor of historical sources, member of the Manuscripts Commission and editor of Analecta Hibernica. His Election and Representation (Cork & Oxford 1945) marks the beginning of political science in Ireland. With an account of Hogan's life and an appendix of documents including Hogan's unpublished autobiographical memoir of the War of Independence and the Civil War.

Donnchadh Ó Corráin is professor of medieval history at University College Cork and has published widely on early medieval Irish institutions, culture, law, literature, historical sources, and the Viking wars.