Irish Sea studies, 900–1200

Benjamin Hudson

Hardback €54.00
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ISBN: 1-85182-983-0
June 2006. 200pp.

'The assembly of these essays in one volume offers a compact review of several important areas in north European medieval history and is to be welcomed', Robin McGregor Ward, International Journal of Maritime History.

'The history of what we know as the Irish Sea is explored in this magnificent volume of essays ... This collection of essays drawn from a broad range of previously published sources does not pretend to tell this story in its entirety but instead concentrates upon the three hundred years from the beginning of the tenth century ... All of the chapters are well footnoted and there is an extensive and useful bibliography. This is a very engaging book', Roddy Hegarty, Seanchas Ard Mhacha.

‘[O]ne of the virtues of Hudson’s work is his acquaintance with a vast range of source material, both Insular and Scandinavian. This breadth of reference, which enhances numerous articles in the volume, enables Hudson to make pioneering arguments as well as to assemble impressive and cogent surveys such as “The changing economy of the Irish Sea Province, 900–1300” (chapter one). Thus, there is much of value in the individual articles; collectively they make an important and coherent contribution to our understanding of the Irish Sea region during the medieval period’, Fiona Edmunds, The INNES Review.