Irish music in the twentieth century

Irish musical studies 7

Gareth Cox & Axel Klein, editors

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May 2003. 208pp.

The divided imagination: music in Ireland after Ó Riada
Harry White

The development of Electroacoustic music in Ireland
Paschall de Paor

Opera in Ireland before 1925
Joseph J. Ryan

Modernism in Ireland and its cultural context in the music of Frederick May
Brian Boydell and Aloys Fleischmann P. Graydon

Interval cycles and inversional axes in Frederick May’s String Quartet in C minor
Robert W. Wason

An Irishman in Darmstadt: Seóirse Bodley’s String Quartet No. 1 (1968)
Gareth Cox

Some observations on form-building processes in twentieth-century music: shaping time in Ian Wilson’s ‘Rich Harbour: concerto for organ and orchestra’
Michael Russ

The post-war 'Irish Symphony': Frank Corcoran’s Symphony no. 2
John Page

Passion, painting, poetry, pessimism: extra-musical themes in the string quartets of Ian Wilson
Robin Elliott

Roots and directions in twentieth-century Irish art music
Axel Klein

A twentieth-century Irish music bibliography
Axel Klein