Irish migrants in Europe after Kinsale, 1602–1820

Thomas O'Connor & Mary Ann Lyons, editors

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January 2003. 208pp.

A justification for foreign intervention in early modern Ireland: Peter Lombard's Commentarius (1600)
Thomas O'Connor

The significance and legacy of Spanish intervention in West Munster during the battle of Kinsale
Cian O'Scea

Responses of the MacDonnell clan to change in early seventeenth-century Ulster 
Hector MacDonnell

Irish migrant networks and rivalries in Spain, 1575–1659
Karin Schüller

The Irish Franciscans in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Prague
Jan Parez

Aspects of the literary activity of the Irish Franciscans in Prague, 1620-1786
Micheál MacCraith & David Worthington

The Irish community in eighteenth-century Cádiz
Samuel Fannin

An Irish family between assimilation and Revolution: the Keatings of Poitiers, 1777–95
Sébastien Jahan

Irish jacobite involvement in the American war of independence
Patrick Clarke de Dromantin

Irish clerics and French politics of grace: the reception of Nicholas Madgett's doctoral theses, 1732
Priscilla O'Connor