Ireland and Hungary

A study in parallels with an Arthur Griffith bibliography

Thomas Kabdebo

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ISBN: 978-1-85182-605-6
October 2001. 128pp.

Irish-Hungarian Affinities explores historical similarities and spiritual affinities between two European nations geographically far from each other. It is now well known that it was Arthur Griffith's spade-work which brought the first set of parallels to light in 1904. Yet the historicity of Griffith's revelations has often been questioned. The readers of this book will no longer be satisfied with the interpretation of Griffith's work as merely symbolic or political; they will recognize the 'historical connections' between Ireland and Hungary which had been 'produced' by oppressive regimes of greater European powers.

Dr Thomas Kabdebo is a former Director of the Library at NUI, Maynooth and now teaches cultural studies at University College Dublin. He is a recipient of the Hungarian Order of Merit.

Ireland and Hungary