Ideology and Ireland in the nineteenth century

Timothy P. Foley & Sean Ryder editors

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October 1998. 220pp.

Prout and plagiarism
Terry Eagleton

Between Captain Rock and a hard place: art and agrarian insurgency
Luke Gibbons

Maria Edgeworth and the aesthetics of secrecy
Willa Murphy

Nationalism and the public monument in mid 19th-century Ireland
Judith Hill

Oscar Wilde's gift and Oxford's 'coarse impertinence'
Sandra F. Siegel

Cultural loss in 19th-century Ireland
Angela Bourke

Deserving and undeserving poor in Irish popular culture
Niall Ó Ciosáin

Race and class in the language of Charity in 19th-century Dublin
Margaret Preston

Perspectives from the Irish 19th century
Thomas A. Boylan & Terence McDonough

Nassau Senior, the Edinburgh Review and Ireland 1843–49
Peter Gray

The life and thought of Thomas Maguire
Thomas Duddy

Lady Wilde and the emergence of Irish cultural nationalism
Marjorie Howes

The influence of Lessing, Herder and the Grimm brothers on the nationalism of the Young Irelanders
Eva Stöter

Visual representation of women in the 1880s land agitation
Niamh O'Sullivan

A 19th-century Anglo-Irish will to power
Edward A. Hagan

Celticism: between race and nation
Chris Morash