City of God

Charles Doherty, Linda Doran & Mary Kelly, editors

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-170-7
June 2011. 448pp; large format, colour ills.

Foreword, Aideen M. Ireland

Finding the City of God in the Lives of St Kevin: Glendalough and the history of the Irish celestial civitas, Melanie C. Maddox

The organization and function of an early Irish church settlement: what was Glendalough? Colmán Etchingham

Space organization in early Irish monasteries: the platea, Jean-Michel Picard

Recluses, relics and corpses: interpreting St Kevin’s house, Tomás Ó Carragáin

The ‘Market Cross’ at Glendalough, Raghnall Ó Floinn

Medieval burial and pilgrimage within the landscape of Glendalough: the evidence of the crosses and cross-slabs, Lorcan Harney

The Lives of Kevin (Caoimhghin) of Glendalough, Pádraig Ó Riain

Vita Sancti Cóemgeni: an edition of the earliest manuscript version, Dagmar Ó Riain Raedel

Monster and monastery: St Kevin’s Lives and the expansion of Glendalough, Brian Lacey,

Glendalough: where beauty, history and spirituality walk hand in hand, Martina Pozdechova

A Glendalough bishop in Germany? The Four Masters and the three Gilla na Náems, Diarmuid Ó Riain

Uí Máil and Glendalough, Ailbhe MacShamhráin

The Viking impact on Glendalough, Colmán Etchingham,

The study and use of numbers in early Irish monasteries, Daniel P. Mc Carthy

Glendalough: liturgy and music, Sara G. Casey

Was Sulien at Glendalough? Charles Doherty

Architectural sculpture at Glendalough, Rachel Moss

Little-known drawings of Glendalough, c.1777–1850, Peter Harbison

From ‘city of God’ to a blueprint for the future: Glendalough in the nineteenth century, Máirín Ní Cheallaigh

Glendalough: the RSAI’s contribution to its preservation, examination and illustration, Aideen M. Ireland