Gaelic Ireland c.1250–c.1650

Land, lordship & settlement

Patrick J. Duffy David Edwards & Liz FitzPatrick editors

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2001; 2004. 454pp; ills.

Recovering Gaelic Ireland, c.1250–c.1650
P. Duffy, D. Edwards and E. FitzPatrick

The Lordships: political structure and social organization

The lordships: political structure and social organisation collaboration without Anglicisation: the MacGiollapadraig lordship and Tudor reform
David Edwards

Delusions of Dál Riada: the co-ordinates of Mac Domnaill Power, 1461–1550
Simon Kingston

Social and spatial order in the MacMahon lordship of Airghialla in the late Sixteenth Century
Patrick J. Duffy

Fosterage & gossiprid in late medieval Ireland: some evidence
F. Fitzsimons

The natural and built environment: some documentary and scientific records

The mapping of Ireland's cultural landscape, 1550–1630
John H. Andrew

Woodland cover in pre-modern Ireland
Kenneth Nicholls

Tephra-dated pollen studies of medieval landscapes in the north of Ireland
Valerie A. Hall and Lynda Bunting

Settlement and place-names
Nollaig Ó Muraíle

Native sources for Gaelic settlement: The house poems
Katharine Simms

Settlement studies: the architectural and archaeological record

An architectural history of Gaelic castles and settlements, 1370–1600
Rolf Loeber

Tower houses and late medieval secular settlement in County Limerick
Colm J. Donnelly

The morphology of Gaelic lordly sites in north Connacht
Kieran D. O'Conor

The archaeology of Gaelic lordship east and west of the Foyle
Thomas E. McNeill

Assembly and inauguration places of the Burkes in late medieval Connacht
E. FitzPatrick

Gaelic architecture in an Ulster Plantation village
Audrey J. Horning

Crannogs in late medieval Gaelic Ireland, c.1350–c.1650
Aidan O'Sullivan

The maritime cultural landscape in medieval Gaelic Ireland
Colin Breen