Franco-Irish connections

Essays, memoirs and poems in honour of Pierre Joannon

Jane Conroy, editor

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October 2009. 408pp; ills.

AVANT-PROPOS de Michel Déon, de l’Académie Française

Pierre Joannon
Kingsley Aikins

PUBLISHED WORK by Pierre Joannon

‘Ormuzd abroad…Ahriman at home’: some early historians of the ‘Wild Geese’ in French service, 1840–1950
Tom Bartlett

Beyond the nation state: America and the European Union
John Bruton

‘The French are on the sea’: mapping the Irish coast, 1690
Jane Conroy

Journey to Europe, first shoots: a personal memoir
Denis Corboy

Richard Warren, Andrew Gallwey and the smugglers of Rush: an entrepot in Belle-Île-en-Mer, 1766–70
Louis Cullen

Graham Greene and the GPA Book Award
Seán Donlon

Irish-French relations, 1919–2009
Garret Fitzgerald

From dialectics to Unity in the poetry of Yeats
Jacqueline Genet

The illustrious hidden ambassador
Frédéric Grasset

Seeking the General’s granny
Maurice Hayes

A herbal, adapted from Eugène Guillevic’s ‘Herbier de Bretagne’
Seamus Heaney

Reminiscences and reflections on the long road to peace
John Hume

Memory and forgetting in Irish culture
Richard Kearney

Bridge-builder, for Pierre Joannon
Brendan Kennelly

Ireland and France in the twentieth century - contrasting and conflictive relationships
Dermot Keogh

What did the French ever do for us? Or, some thoughts on French archives as realms of Irish memory
Sylvie Kleinman

De Gaulle and de Valera: notes towards a comparison
J.J. Lee

Footnotes to the Anglo-Irish Agreement of 1985
Michael Lillis

Personal Tribute
Anne Madden and Louis Le Brocquy

France, Ireland and the failed referenda of 2005 and 2008
Lara Marlowe

A sense of place in the writing of Romain Gary
Jane McKee

Vendange, pour Pierre Joannon
John Montague

‘Guest of the Nation’: Charles de Gaulle’s visit to Ireland in the Irish press (1969)
Grace Neville

An encounter
David Norris

The Irish College in Paris: from penal days seminary to Irish cultural centre
Patrick O’Connor

The French legation in Dublin in comparative perspective, 1939-45
Eunan O’Halpin and Alice Harrison

Cannes Film Festival and the Irish
Sheamus Smith

L’entente européenne
Ben Tonra

A nation in waiting? The Irish in France in the eighteenth century
Kevin Whelan

Notes on some Irish residents in Paris
C.J. Woods