Evangelicals and Catholics in nineteenth-century Ireland

James H. Murphy, editor

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June 2005. 256pp.

Charles Bradlaugh
Walter L. Arnstein

John Tyndall's Belfast address
Matthew Brown

The Arklow disturbances of 1890–2
Martin Doherty

Religion, empire, and Max Arthur Macauliffe
Tadhg Foley

Walter McDonald & Maynooth, 1870–1920
Louise Fuller

May Laffan's Hogan, MP
Jill Brady Hampton

Irish evangelicals and the British evangelical community, 1820s–1870s
Janice Holmes

Popular Catholicism, popular fictions
Marjorie Howes

Before the 'devotional revolution'
Emmet Larkin

William Maginn
David E. Latané, Jnr

Belief and institutionality in the genre of Fenian recollections
Amy E. Martin

Catholicism and anti-Catholicism in Hampshire
Shirley Matthews

Father Boyce, Lady Morgan & Sir Walter Scott
Patrick Maume

Did Ulster Presbyterians have a devotional revolution?
David W. Miller

Unremembering the 'devotional revolution'
James H. Murphy

Frances Power Cobbe and the patriarchs
Maureen O'Connor

Two famine poems from Young Ireland
Katherine Parr

William Warren Baldwin's Thoughts on the civilisation of the aboriginal Canadians of Ontario, 1819
G.K. Peatling

Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna's historical novels
Kara M. Ryan