Ireland's weather disasters, 2009–2010

Kieran Hickey

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September 2010. 136pp; colour ills.

'Reading through Dr Kieran Hickey’s book, Deluge: Ireland’s weather disasters, 2009–2010, I got an overview of the extent of the damage caused by three years of extreme weather. I am glad someone of his expertise has recorded the battering we all endured … I get the impression that while Dr Kieran deplores its consequences, he loved every minute of the miserable weather, and enjoys the science of it all', Ronnie O’Gorman, Galway Advertiser (November 2010).

‘Mr Hickey’s analysis examines how a 48-hour period of intense rain from November 18th to 20th last year [2009] was the “straw that broke the camel’s back” in relation to subsequent flooding in the west, south and midlands', Lorna Siggins, Irish Times (October 2010).

‘Hickey crisply and cogently recounts the flooding of Cork City while weaving in compelling history … fascinating early weather studies are included … Through it all, Hickey points out that “Ireland has not lost its sense of community and the real heroes were the ordinary people who responded magnificently to the crises as they unfolded, whether individually or through voluntary services and agencies. This book in some respects is written as a tribute to everybody who helped”', Mary McWay Seaman, Celtic Connection (November 2011).