Conflicts in the North of Ireland, 1900–2000

Flashpoints and fracture zones

Alan F. Parkinson & Éamon Phoenix editors

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October 2010. 288pp.

Alan F. Parkinson & Éamon Phoenix

The 1907 Belfast dock strike
John Gray

Respectable rebels: Ulster Unionist resistance to the third Home Rule Bill, 1912–14
George Boyce

Northern Nationalists in conflict: from the third Home Rule crisis to partition, 1900–21
Éamon Phoenix

Some thoughts on the Island of Ireland Peace Park
Richard Doherty

Belfast’s unholy war: the 1920s’ Troubles
Alan F. Parkinson

Border trouble: Unionist perceptions of and responses to the independent Irish state, 1921–39
Dennis Kennedy

1932: a case-study in polarization and conflict
Peter Collins

The significance of the 1935 Lancaster Street riots
Jim McDermott

Cahir Healy (1877–1970), Northern Nationalist leader
Éamon Phoenix

The Belfast blitz and its impact
B.E. Barton

The beleaguered left: the Northern Ireland Labour Party and its trials and dilemmas, 1924–79
Graham Walker & Aaron Edwards

Education and communal division in Northern Ireland, 1920–70
Seán Farren

Education in a divided society
Dominic Murray

‘Ulsteria’: the fortunes of the Irish language under Stormont, 1921–72
Fionntán de Brún

The rise and fall of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights movement
Inger V. Johansen

‘The first item on the agenda’: splits in Republicanism, 1970–2000
Jim McDermott

The Poppy-Day bombing: Enniskillen, 1987
Alan F. Parkinson