The clergy of the Church of Ireland, 1000–2000

Messengers, watchmen and stewards

Toby Barnard & W.G. Neely, editors

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ISBN: 1-85182-994-6
January 2006. 332pp; ills.

A very worthwhile book, and with its companion volume on the laity (published in 2002), Four Courts Press has carried through a fine survey of the Church of Ireland from Medieval times almost to the present day', Robert MacCarthy, Irish Economic & Social History.

… a fascinating picture of the changing fortunes of the Church of Ireland and the Church of Ireland community over almost one thousand years. Each [essay] takes as its starting point the emergence of the parish and diocese as the basic units of the church organisation during the 12th century … They are an impressive tribute to the work of The Church of Ireland Historical Society, under whose auspices they were published … [T]his is an entertaining and informative account of the experiences of the clergy in Ireland over the course of the second millennium‘, Ronnie Wallace, Search: A Church of Ireland Journal (2008).

‘The essays are written by eminent scholars and historians and as such are a major addition to the study of the history of the Church … [this volume] contains fourteen articles on the role and contribution of the clergy as a group from medieval times to the twentieth century … The articles cover the life and role of the clergy from 1000–2000 AD', Susan Parkes, Recusant History (Oct 2009)