Ciaran Carson

Critical Essays

Elmer Kennedy-Andrews, editor

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May 2009. 288pp.

Introduction: For all I know
Ciaran Carson in conversation with Elmer Kennedy-Andrews

Language and the prosodic line in Carson's poetry
Peter Denman

'Pushed next to nothing': Ciaran Carson's Breaking News
David Wheatley

'Walking in the city': space, narrative and surveillance in The Irish for no and Belfast confetti
John Goodby

'The mouth of the poem': Carson and place
Eamonn Hughes

'Cruising to the podes': Ciaran Carson's virtual realities
Stan Smith

The word as object: commodification in the poetry of Ciaran Carson
Michael McAteer

Ciaran Carson: the spy in the superior turret
Tim Hancock

'Faery lands forlorn': reading tradition in the poetry of Ciaran Carson
Patricia Horton

Carson's carnival of language: the influence of Irish and the oral tradition
Frank Sewell

Borrowed lines? A reading of Ciaran Carson's American influences
Ciaran O'Neill

Alphabets and labyrinths in Ciaran Carson's Fishing for Amber
Jerzy Jarniewicz

Carson, Heaney, and the art of getting lost
Elmer Kennedy-Andrews

Acoustic perfume
Alan Gillis