Character building

A guide for parents and teachers

David Isaacs

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ISBN: 1-85182-592-4
June 2001. 288pp.

This new edition of the book contains questions for parents and teachers on the subject of each chapter. Acclaimed originally when first published in 1992, this book is essential reading for parents and teachers on how to assist children's all-round development. The emphasis is on character building, approached from the viewpoint of moral habits: Professor Isaacs takes twenty-four virtues and discusses how the child can be obedient, industrious, sincere, prudent, generous, optimistic, sociable and so on.

There is no book on child development quite like this one!

David Isaacs studied at Tonbridge School and Selweyn College, Cambridge. He holds a PhD from the University of Navarre where he is now director of School Education. He has published ten books and has acted as adviser to schools in Ireland, Italy, England and the United States. He is married with six children.

Character building