Business archival sources for the local historian

Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh & Margaret Ó hÓgartaigh

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-134-9
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ISBN: 978-1-84682-133-2

May 2010. 96pp.

This book provides a practical guide to the major collections of business archives for the whole of Ireland and to their appropriate use in historical research. Irish historians’ engagement with the accounting and business fields is discussed and the work-to-date in business history in Ireland is surveyed. The guide also features an introduction to the authors’ electronic database of select accounting and corporate governance archives held in the National Archives of Ireland and the Public Record Office, Northern Ireland (listed in an appendix).

Margaret Ó hÓgartaigh works at All Hallows, Dublin City University and is the author of Kathleen Lynn: Irishwoman, Patriot, Doctor (2006). Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh is Professor of Accounting at University College Dublin and has published widely on accounting history.