Bach studies from Dublin

Irish musical studies 8

Anne Leahy & Yo Tomita, editors

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ISBN: 1-85182-857-5
July 2004. 272pp; ills.

The Baroque upbeat: outline of its typology and evolution
Ido Abravaya

Johann Joseph Fux and the question of Einbau technique
Harry White

The royal Polish and electoral Saxon court and state calendars, 1728–50
Janice B. Stockigt

Vivaldi, Bach and their concerto slow movements
Rebecca Kan

The Prélude to the Third English Suite BWV 808
Gregory Butler

Bach’s temporal design for the Goldberg Variations
Don O. Franklin

Death and beyond in Bach’s vocal music
Robin A. Leaver

Bach’s horn parts
J. Drew Stephen

Bach in North America during the Shellac era (1900-50)
Martin Elste

Bach performances during the late 20th century
Dorottya Fabian

Bach in the 21st century
John Butt

Bach’s Credo in England
Yo Tomita

Performance of Bach’s vocal music in Dublin in the 19th and early 20th centuries
Barra Boydell

Bach at the turn of the 20th century
Hans-Joachim Schulze