Apocalyptic and eschatological heritage

The Middle East and Celtic realms

Martin McNamara, editor

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January 2003. 208pp.

Enoch in millennial perspective: on the counter-cultural history of an apocalyptic hero
Philip S. Alexander

Journeys to the world beyond in ancient Judaism
John J. Collins

Apocalyptic in Qumran
Florentino Garcia Martinez

The Apocalypse of John and its millennial themes
Adela Yarbo Collins

The seven heavens and the twelve dragons in insular apocalyptic
John Carey

Visions of the End and Irish high crosses
Kees Veelenturf

Irish apocalyptic and eschatological literature
Martin McNamara

On the Middle Welsh poem 'Armyes Dydd Brawt' (HGC VIII)
Pierre-Yves Lambert 

The Apocalypse of Paul: its previous history and its afterlife
Anthony Hilhorst

Irish voyage literature: the voyage of Bran
Donncha Ó hAodha