An English-Irish lexicon of scientific and technological space-related terminology

Susan McKenna Lawlor & Damien Ó Muirí

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-269-8
September 2010. 146pp.

A reference guide to the local language is essential on any trip abroad, but what if your trip is to outer space? A new book gives all of the English-Irish translations essential to discuss space exploration in the first official language. An English-Irish lexicon of scientific and technical space-related terminology gives Irish translations for more than 3,500 terms related to space science', Alison Jones, Irish Times (September 2010).

‘The publication of this book recognises that Irish scientists and companies now play a part in space-related activities and this may be said to bring the Irish language into the 21st century. Under the auspices of the International Academy of Astronautics, a leading Irish scientist and an Irish linguist have come together to produce a lexicon of over 3,500 English words from science and space technology giving their Irish equivalent. Of use to translators and students of the language, this is the place to find the Irish for such terms as bio-burden reduction, nephelometry, pulse-modulation and even Yarkovsky effect’, Books Ireland (October 2010).