Adomnán of Iona

Theologian, lawmaker, peacemaker

Jonathan Wooding, editor

Hardback €49.50
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ISBN: 978-1-84682-102-8
July 2010. 336pp.

‘The volume includes contributions of archaeological interest … What strikes the reader is the unusual regard, and indeed, affection for their subject, which is evident in almost all the contributions, with few exceptions. This, perhaps more than all else, makes the volume a fitting testament, thirteen hundred years after his death, to Adomnán the man’, James Houlihan, Peritia (2015).

‘[This book’s] core strength clearly lies in the attention paid to Adomnán’s writings, the Vita Columbae and De Locis Sanctis … this is a volume to be welcomed, and an appropriate commemoration of the anniversary of Adomnán’s death. Substantial and stimulating', Máire Herbert, Northern Scotland (2014).

'With such a wealth of thoughtful scholarship presented in an accessible way, this book will be welcomed as offering insight into the life, cult, and continuing influence of St Columba and also throws new light on the person of his kinsman and disciple, Adomnán', Benedicta Ward, Journal of Theological Studies.

‘Adomnán emerges from this book as a compelling monastic leader, whose life was devoted to study, mainly of the Bible, but who was also involved in the politics of his time and active in the affairs of Ireland and Northumbria ... This is an impressive volume and its contribution to our knowledge of Adomnán’s personality, thought and world-view can hardly be exaggerated. It also adds much to the research on Irish culture and society. It will surely become essential reading for anyone interested in these topics', Professor Ora Limor, Scottish Historical Review (2012).

‘This book is a collection of scholarly essays about Adomnán which were delivered at a conference on Iona in 2004 to mark 1,300 years since his death. Adomnán is examined both as a famous churchman and as a writer … This is a collection for the educated reader who is interested in the subject at the level of the scholar. Anyone who reads it will develop a better understanding of the Gaidhealtachd in medieval times and the view that churchmen like Adomnán had of the wider world', Cothrom (Earrach 2011).

'Scholars from Scotland and elsewhere gathered on the island of Iona in September 2004 to mark the sixth centenary of Adomnán’s (627-704) death … All but two of the 18 essays here are from that conference. Looking first at his life and cult, then at his writing, they consider such topics as Adomnán and the art of teaching spiritual sons, Adomnán in medieval Gaelic literary tradition, the archaeology of writing in the time of Adomnán, the structure and purpose of his Vita Columbae, and visions of divine light in the writings of Adomnán and his younger contemporary, Bede', Reference and Research Book News (February 2011).

‘This collection of essays, which draws attention to Adomnán’s political, juridical and literary achievements is broadly to be welcomed … offer[s] important new insights into Adomnán’s life and thought … Thomas Charles-Edwards offers a masterful and thought-provoking analysis of the text [Adomnán’s Vita Columbae] … studying Adomnán’s life and works can tell us a great deal about early medieval Britain and Ireland', Elizabeth Boyle, History Scotland (Nov./Dec. 2011).