Two Lives of Saint Brigid

Philip Freeman

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ISBN: 978-1-80151-116-2
February 2024. 192 pages

"Readers of History Ireland will be delighted to hear that Philip Freeman's Two Lives of Saint Brigid facilitates direct engagement with the early Christian saint ... this text should be a great resources for future research and study on Brigit ... Commentary throughout the text helpfully notes the various biblical references interspersed throughout the hagiographies, of which there are many." Daragh Fitzgerald, History Ireland, May/June 2024

“Readers will find themselves captivated by the stories themselves … And what terrific tales they are … This collection will inform and delight all readers interested in learning more about the earliest traditions about Brigid of Kildare whose latest miracle has been to give us all an extra day off”. Salvador Ryan, Irish Independent

"These two early lives of Brigid have now been made available in modern English translations by Philip Freeman. Full transcripts of the Latin text of both lives, based on the earliest known complete manuscript versions, are included ... The great merit of Freeman’s pragmatic approach to  creating a useable Latin text of these two important sources is its simplicity and thus its accessibility. His modern English translation of each text is noteworthy for its readability, making  the book a great access point for non-specialists interested in reading these early documents for themselves ... Given the ongoing revival of pilgrim paths in Ireland, as well as the renewed interest in St Brigid’s Day as a secular holiday, this modern edition and translation of some essential texts is most welcome." Bernadette Cunningham, Search, A Church of Ireland Journal (Summer 2024)