Land reform and legislation in Ireland, 1800-2024

Terence Dooley, Tony McCarthy & Annie Tindley

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October 2024. 352 pages. Ills.

Terence Dooley, Tony Mc Carthy and Annie Tindley

Raymond Gillespie
Land reform in early modern Ireland 

R.V. Comerford
Land, mobilisation and revolution in Ireland, 1790s to 1970s

Peter Gray
William Sharman Crawford and Irish land legislation in parliament, 1835-53

Philip Bull
After the Famine: land reform pressure and British response, 1850–70

William A. Smyth
Griffith's Valuation – a rent standard

Norma Dawson
Rent-fixing and the tenant’s occupation interest under the Land Law (Ireland) Act 1881

Tony Mc Carthy
Irish land purchase acts 1885-1909: political expedience or meaningful reform?

Edward Tynan
Returning Irish Great War veterans and the 1919 Land Act

Joseph Sheehan
The departure of the landlord: from the Irish Convention to the 1923 Land Act

David Gahan
The land annuities agitation and the origins, implementation and consequences of the 1933 Land Act

Caitriona Curtis
The Irish agricultural labourer, the state and the legacy of peasant proprietorship, 1922-76

Cormac Ó Gráda
Irish farming and farm productivity before and after the Land War

Terence Dooley
The Irish Land Commission records, 1881-1992

Annie Tindley
Irish and Scottish land acts, c.1881-c.1925

Ciaran Moran
The future of Irish land questions?