Visitors to the Country House in Ireland and Britain

Welcome and Unwelcome

Terence Dooley & Christopher Ridgway, editors

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September 2023. 288pp. Black & White Ills. Hardback

Christopher Ridgway
Visitations: Foes

Fran Baker
‘I feel more like Cinderella, than anyone else you can imagine’: Elizabeth Gaskell’s visit to Chatsworth

Kerry Bristol
Misplaced hospitality and practical implications: the northern tour of Thomas Sandby and Theodosius Forrest, August 1774

Philip J. Carstairs
Soup kitchens at English country houses 1795–1914: a new perspective on elite landscapes

John Coleman
Knole and its visitors: from medieval episcopal palace to country seat, antiquarian curiosity and treasure house

Peter Collinge
Gloomy inhospitality: limiting access to houses and country estates, 1719–1838

Oliver Cox
‘By far the greatest & most perpetual source of happiness in my life has been, & is, seeing’: Christopher Hussey’s visits to country houses, 1920–70

Ian d’Alton
‘There seem to be many more people here than I thought we’d asked’: building collections of visitors in the Irish country house

Shaun Evans
‘An antient seat of a gentleman of Wales’: the place of the plas in Thomas Pennant’s Tour in Wales (1778–83)

John Knightly
Visitors and visiting: a Kerry country house, 1912–39

Christopher Ridgway
Visitations: Friendlies