The Legal Legacy of the last Lord Chief Baron

Oonagh B. Breen & Noel McGrath, editors

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ISBN: 978-1-80151-035-6
September 2022. 256pp. Hardback

Oonagh B. Breen & Noel McGrath

Thomas F. Cope
Gladstone’s grudging appointment of Christopher Palles as Chief Baron

Sarah Hamill
At law, at equity, (sometimes) at odds with other judges: Chief Baron Palles and the Judicature Act

Noel McGrath
Palles and company law: forgotten (and forgettable?) judgments

Terence Dooley
Chief Baron Palles and the land question, 1870–91

Oonagh B. Breen
From proof to presumption: the contribution of Palles to the public benefit debate in charity law

Mark Coen
Safeguarding against ‘evil results’: the Chief Baron and contempt of court

Kevin Costello
Palles’ contribution to administrative law

Niamh Howlin
Compensation for criminal injuries: Palles at the intersection of civil and criminal law

Desmond Ryan
The influence of Chief Baron Palles on the development of the doctrines of vicarious liability and the non-delegable duty of care

Steve Hedley
Christopher Palles and tort

Eoin O’Dell
The Aeolus episode in Ulysses and the Freeman’s Journal: Chief Baron Palles and the law of defamation

Oonagh B. Breen & Noel McGrath
Global and local impact: a centennial posthumous recognition