Enjoying Claret in Georgian Ireland

A history of amiable excess

Patricia McCarthy

Hardback €36.00
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ISBN: 978-1-80151-013-4
April 2022. 224pp. Full colour Ills. Large format. Hardback.

“Subtitled ‘A History of Amiable Excess’, this book might have been rather ‘niche’ if it was not so interesting, full of anecdotes and revelations of lesser-known facts about Ireland’s gentry in the 18th Century … This book is exhaustively researched, beautifully produced and is a treasure trove of social history. Drink it up”. Anne Cunningham, The Meath Chronicle, 13th July 2022

“Examining questions such as how was the domestic wine cellar planned and used? When did connoisseurship in wine commence and why did ‘toasts’ figure so prominently? McCarthy pours a sobering and enlightened view to these times. Raise a glass to this full-bodied work.” Michael McDermott, Totally Dublin