Botany and Gardens in Early Modern Ireland

Elizabethanne Boran, E. Charles Nelson & Emer Lawlor, editors

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November 2022. 336pp. Full Colour Ills. Large Format Hardback

E. Charles Nelson
Recollecting Ireland’s flora: botanical information in the ‘Zoilomastix’ (c.1626) of Philip O’Sullivan Beare

E. Charles Nelson
Irish wild plants before 1690

Patrick Kelly
The Molyneux brothers, the New Science and the Dublin Philosophical Society in the late seventeenth century

Emer Lawlor
Caleb Threlkeld: Dissenting minister, physician and botanist

Declan Doogue
Caleb Threlkeld’s plant records

Declan Doogue
Caleb Threlkeld and ecology in early eighteenth-century Dublin

Elizabethanne Boran
Botany and gardens at the Edward Worth Library, Dublin

Susan Hemmens
Botanical works in the collections of Marsh’s Library, Dublin

Regina Whelan Richardson
Pleasure gardens and gardening for pleasure in the Fagel collection at the Library of Trinity College Dublin

E. Charles Nelson
The physic garden at Trinity College, Dublin, in the early eighteenth century

E. Charles Nelson
Gardening at Mitchelstown: John K’Eogh’s Botanalogia universalis Hibernica (Cork, 1735)

Vandra Costello
Gothic features in eighteenth-century Irish landscapes

Terence Reeves-Smyth
The nursery and seed trade in Dublin before 1800

Madeline Hutchins 
Ellen Hutchins (1785–1815), botanist in West Cork: How did her garden grow?