Vinegar Hill

The last stand of the Wexford Rebels of 1798

Ronan O'Flaherty & Jacqui Hynes, editors

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August 2021. 352pp. Paperback. Large Format. Full Colour throughout

Vinegar Hill and its international legacy
Tony Pollard

The Longest Day Research Project
Ronan O’Flaherty and Jacqui Hynes

Who fears to speak of ’98? A review of the sources
Rory O’Connor

Command and structure: the crown forces at the Battle of Vinegar Hill
Chris Robinson, Barry Walsh and Jacqui Hynes

Command and structure: a rebel republic?
Brian Ó Cléirigh

Testing the theories of why the Hon. Major General Francis Needham was ‘late’ for the Battle of Vinegar Hill
Jacqui Hynes and Barry Walsh

The field of battle
Ronan O’Flaherty and Rory O’Connor

The architectural landscape of Enniscorthy in 1798
Edmund Joyce

Investigating potential mass graves on Vinegar Hill
James Bonsall and Cian Hogan

The underwater surveys
Niall Brady and Rex Bangerter

Picking up the pieces: the archaeological survey of Vinegar Hill
Damian Shiels and James Bonsall

Archaeological monitoring and licensed surveys at Vinegar Hill and Clonhasten
Catherine McLoughlin, Emmet Stafford and Colm Moriarty

Oral histories of the 1798 rebellion in Enniscorthy and surrounding areas
Jacqui Hynes

From Vinegar Hill to Knightstown Bog: the last march of the Wexford pikemen
Ciarán McDonnell