Plantagenet Ireland

Robin Frame

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January 2022. 384pp; ills

Part One

Ireland within the Plantagenet orbit

Ireland after 1169: barriers to acculturation on an ‘English’ edge

Historians, aristocrats and Plantagenet Ireland, 1200–1360

Lordship and liberties in Wales and Ireland, c.1170–c.1360

Exporting state and nation: being English in medieval Ireland

The immediate effect and interpretation of the 1331 ordinance Una et eadem lex: some new evidence

Kingship at a distance: did the absence of the Plantagenet kings from Ireland matter?

Part Two

Government, power and society

Devolution or decomposition? Interactions of government and society in an age of ‘decline’

Rediscovering medieval Ireland: Irish chancery rolls and the historian

G.O. Sayles and the ‘institutional turn’ in the historiography of the Lordship of Ireland

Two Plantagenet borderlands: Anthony Lucy in Cumbria and Ireland

The justiciarship of Ralph Ufford: warfare and politics in fourteenth-century Ireland

Thomas Rokeby, sheriff of Yorkshire, justiciar of Ireland

Two kings in Leinster: the crown and the MacMurroughs in the fourteenth century

Lordship beyond the Pale: Munster in the later Middle Ages