Periodicals and journalism in twentieth-century Ireland 2

A variety of voices

Mark O'Brien & Felix M. Larkin, editors

Hardback €45.00
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ISBN: 978-1-84682-862-1
December 2021. 320pp

“This new book complements an earlier volume on periodicals and journalism, also edited by Mark O’Brien and Felix Larkin, which was published back in 2014. The two volumes, taken together, offer a comprehensive overview of the periodicals that flourished in Ireland in the last century. This is a valuable collection of essays on journalism in periodicals that flourished in Ireland in the twentieth century ... This collection of essays is an exemplary publication and a treasury of splendid history writing”. J. Anthony Gaughan, The Irish Catholic. February 2022

“Publishing Irish periodicals for much of the 20th century faced 'grinding commercial sell advertising, increase distribution, promote subscriptions and solicit patrons', so it’s all the more remarkable that so many, and of such high quality, were published. Four periodicals discussed (Fortnight, The Phoenix, Honesty and the Church of Ireland Gazette) are in the 'reporting and reflecting on current events' category; periodicals that pushed for political change, such as In Dublin, Gay Community News and the Irish Housewife, form a second category; while a third focused on the creation of communities, such as women’s magazines, Irish-language and religious magazines. Case studies of key periodicals (eg, The Bell, Status and the Catholic Bulletin) plus a consideration of owners, editors, contributors and controversies make this a stimulating and informative read.” Brian Maye, The Irish Times (15/02/2022)

“academic but accessible essays.” John Burns, The Sunday Times (19/06/2022)