Medieval Dublin XVIII

Seán Duffy, editor

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-816-4
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April 2021. 390pp; ills.

“In her fascinating contribution to Medieval Dublin XVIII, Caoimhe Whelan, a research fellow at Trinity’s Long Room Hub, dissects the legend of Tristan and Isolde to see how it helped to fix Dublin within the European imagination. Isolde was, of course, the queen of Dublin, and the story of her love for the Cornish Knight was the basis of the later romantic triangle of Lancelot, Guinevere and King Arthur.” Joe Culley, History Ireland (September-October 2021)

“This series, the proceedings of the annual symposium of the Friends of Medieval Dublin, has long proved of seminal significance in bringing the results of new research and excavations to the fore. The latest volume has 12 articles which cover a mixture of archaeological, historical and literary themes with several on the ecclesiastical history and archaeology of Dublin and its foundations, particularly in the later Middle Ages; others consider archaeological evidence relating to later medieval craft and industry with a focus on tanning and leatherworking … overall this volume (and the series) deserves a wide audience, since the papers help to underline the importance of the medieval city and its rich, often waterlogged, archaeological deposits, while also providing interesting comparisons for those working on medieval towns more widely”. Nancy Edwards, Medieval Archaeology journal vol 66.1

“This publication series is clear testimony to the continuing dynamism of multidisciplinary debates about the development of Dublin, embracing internal tensions as well as connections with hinterlands and the wider networks that connected it to other places far and near.” Deirdre O’Sullivan, Medieval Settlement Research journal volume (37). 2022