The Irish-Scottish World in the Middle Ages

Seán Duffy, David Ditchburn & Peter Crooks, editors

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-635-1
September 2024. 320pp; ills.

Ireland and the beginnings of Scotland
Dauvit Broun

Scotland and Ireland before 800
Thomas Owen Clancy

Ireland and the Christianization of Scotland
James E. Fraser

The art of early medieval Ireland and Scotland
Bernard Meehan

The literary world of early medieval Ireland and Scotland
Benjamin Hudson

The Scottish and Irish church in the tenth to twelfth centuries
Alex Woolf

Ireland, Scotland and the kingdom of the Isles
R.A. McDonald

The Bruce invasion of Ireland: a Scottish perspective
Michael Penman

The Bruce invasion of Ireland: an Irish perspective
Seán Duffy

The earldom of Ulster between England and Scotland
Robin Frame

Scotland and the politics of Gaelic Ulster
Katharine Simms

Identity and culture in late-medieval Scotland and Ireland
Martin MacGregor

Scotland and Ireland in the late Middle Ages
Michael Brown