Harp Studies II

World Harp Traditions

Helen Lawlor & Sandra Joyce, editors

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-981-9
October 2023. 256pp; colour ills.

Social cohesion, musical inclusion: harp ensembles in contemporary performance practice
Helen Lawlor

‘Lantern works’: opening access to music education and harping through convent schools in Ireland
Sandra Joyce

‘Balls!’ Gender, language and aesthetic in the worlds of Irish harping
Niall Keegan

The harp in Classical Irish poetry: an edition of ‘Cia an saoi lé seinntear an chruit?’
Deirdre Nic Chárthaigh

‘When thy slender fingers go forth on the wire’: the visit of the Swedish harp virtuoso Adolf Sjödén to Ireland in 1879
Helen Davies and Lia Lonnert

Harpists without halos: virtuoso pedal harpists in Ireland in the nineteenth century
Mary Louise O’Donnell

Sustaining the harp in post-colonial Ireland
Cormac De Barra

The Viggianese harp in Italy
Catriona Cannon

A trajectory of the Breton harp in the twentieth century
Tristan Le Govic

The harp and bagpipes repertoire in Scotland
Joshua Dickson

Music and memory: West African Kora in the world of harp
Paulla Ebron

Let’s make a record! Contemporary repertoires of the ngombi harp by Mitsogo artists in Gabon
Rémy Jadinon  

Diversity and variability: Central African harps
Sylvie Le Bomin and Salomé Strauch   

Sources for harps in Asia
Lucie Rault  

Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century pedal harps: a focus on the Philharmonie de Paris harp collection
Haley Hodson  

Dawpuewae: forming and performing the Karen collective with the tehnaku (harp) 
Benjamin Fairfield and Suwichan Phattanaphraiwan 

Hortense Panum – a Danish pioneer in search of the origin of the harp
Lisbeth Ahlgren Jensen

Innovation crushing cultural memory: harps in South Cameroon
Susanne Fürniss