The Irish Revolution, 1912–23

Brian Feeney

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-860-7
July 2021. 192pp; ills

“In the year that some in Northern Ireland will be marking its centenary, the latest in ‘The Irish Revolution, 1912-23’ series is both timely and, indeed, hugely important in its contribution to our understanding of this period in ‘The North’ ... When we think of the Irish revolutionary period from 1912-1923, nowhere in Ireland is more the situation more complex or multi-layered than in the north east in the County of Antrim and, especially, in Ireland’s largest city at the time, Belfast ... Brian Feeney has shone an overdue light on what became over the years an almost forgotten front in ‘The Irish Revolution’. ” Michael Merrigan, Ireland’s Genealogical Gazette

“For the fine Four Courts Press series The Irish Revolution, 1912-23, well-known author and commentator Brian Feeney has tackled the events in what I might call, in the circumstances, the exceptional – even dissident – county of Antrim. This study is worth reading for the examination of the ‘Belfast Pogrom’ of 1920-2 alone.” Joe Culley, History Ireland (September-October 2021)