Vindicating Dublin

The story behind the controversial dissolution of Dublin Corporation in 1924

Aodh Quinlivan

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ISBN: 978-0-9505488-3-8
August 2021. 288pp; ills.

"A fascinating book, essential reading for anyone interested in the development of the Free State and local government". David McCullagh

“This book tells the little-known story of the inquiry set up by the Free State government in 1924 into the workings of the Corporation and its subsequent abolition and replacement by a three-man commission. There had been growing dissatisfaction with the Corporation and it was accused of inefficiency and extravagance … This book by Aodh Quinlivan recounts the story not only of the controversial abolition but takes us through the role of the Corporation in the turbulent years of rebellion and subsequent civil war, with the city at the heart of much of the action … The three-man commission ran affairs for six years until the Corporation was restored in 1930. However its powers were reduced by the appointment of a City Manager with wide powers. The situation has largely remained in place, not only in Dublin. The result is that the Republic of Ireland has one of the most centralised governments in Europe. It will be interesting to see if the proposal to have an elected Lord Mayor will effect much change. In the meantime to discover how we got to where we are read this book”. The Dublin Historical Record, Vol. 75. 2022