Law and revolution in seventeenth-century Ireland

Coleman A. Dennehy, editor

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March 2020. 386pp

Electoral law in Ireland before 1641

Bríd McGrath

Competing authorities: the clash of martial and common law in early seventeenth-century Ireland

Stephen Carroll

'Necessarye to keepe order in Ireland': marital law and the 1641 rebellion

Aran McArdle

Henry Burnell's Landgartha: family, law and revolution on the Irish stage

Nessa Malone

The New English, the past, and the law in the 1640s: Sir William Parson's 'Examen Hiberniae'

John Cunningham

Not every judge a phoenix: King's Inns under Cromwell 

Colum Kenny

The Black Book of King's Inns, Dublin, 1649-63: an annotated, chronological and contextualized transcription

Colum Kenny

Taking war crimes law seriously in revolutionary Ireland: a legal analysis 

Jennifer Wells

Martin Blake of Ballyglunin, County Galway: from transplantation to restoration-a case study of land, law and estate protection

Philip Walsh

Appointments to the bench in early restoration Ireland

Coleman A. Denehy

Lawyers and the circulation of scurrilous verse in restoration Dublin

Andrew Carpenter

The speech of Sir Audley Mervyn, speaker of the house of commons, demanding reforms in the court of claims: a reinterpretation through the lens of legal history

Jess Velona

Charles II's legal officers and the Irish restoration land settlement, 1660-5

Neil Johnston