The Irish Revolution, 1912–23

Seamus Cullen

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-837-9
July 2020. 224pp; plus a 16 page illustrated section

'The study challenges the depiction of Kildare as a 'quiet county' during the War of Independence by highlighting the pivotal role it played in the intelligence war and the county's strategic communications importance for both the Crown forces and republicans.' Conor Forrest, Kildare Nationalist (August, 2020).

'...recording omission and failings of the past have now been corrected by Seamus Cullen, a well-known historian whose published work to date has centred on the northern part of County Kildare. His latest publication, 'KILDARE The Irish Revolution, 1912-1923' presents a wider canvass covering the entire county of Kildare during the War of Independence and the Civil War. It is possibly the most important book published on recent years about such a relatively short period in the history of County Kildare. The comprehensive details included in Seamus Cullen's book is a result of years of research which now brings the stories of the man forgotten men and women of the revolutionary period in County Kildare to our attention ... [Seamus Cullen] has produced a detailed account of the events in County Kildare between 1012 and 1923 ... it reclaims for the garrison county some pride in the involvement of Kildare men and women in the national struggle ... 'KILDARE The Irish Revolution, 1912-1923' is essential reading for anyone interested in the history of county Kildare. It's a book which reclaims for a forgotten generation of Kildare men and women some measure of recognition for their part in a national struggle which has always been largely identified with certain counties in Munster and Connaught... [this book] is handsomely produced, indexed and contains an impressive 35 pages of references. This book is a revelation and one which should be in every household in the shortgrass county.' Frank Taaffe, The Kildare Nationalist, (2020).


' the 16th century and the 1798 Rebellion, Kildare was not considered a rebellious place during events in Ireland a century ago... Seamus Cullen's new book, 'Kildare: The Irish Revolution, 1912-23', part of a series looking at the revolutionary decade in different counties, brings to light new details of violent events in North Kildare during the War of Independence and Civil War.' Little Champion, (August, 2020).