Captain Francisco de Cuéllar

The Armada, Ireland, and the Wars of the Spanish Monarchy, 1578–1606

Francis Kelly

Hardback €31.50
Catalogue Price: €35.00
ISBN: 978-1-84682-875-1
November 2020. 312pp; ills

"Captain Francisco de Cuéllar: The Armada, Ireland, and the Wars of the Spanish monarchy, 1578-1606 is a brilliant read capturing the amazing life and career of one of the most enigmatic Captains to have ever served in the Spanish Military ... Prone to controversy, Captain Cuéllar had a tendency to clash with his superiors, which led to multiple arrests, tribunals of inquiry, and court-martial. His triumphs and travails are explored against the backdrop of the major conflicts of the late sixteenth century … Drawing on previously undiscovered documents from Spanish and Belgian archives, this book chronicles, for the first time, Cuéllar's entire military service - from the earliest evidence of him as a soldier in 1578, to our final glimpse of him in 1606 … Besides an in-depth reassessment of his Irish experiences, this study explores the rise and fall of the enigmatic captain in the military profession. The story of Captain Cuéllar's career encapsulates, in vivid detail, the life of a soldier of the late sixteenth century." The Sligo Champion, November 2020.