Ulster-Scots and America

Diaspora literature, history and migration, 1750–2000

Frank Ferguson & Richard MacMaster, edtiors

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ISBN: 978-1-84682-242-1
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This collection of essays examines the contribution made by the Ulster-Scots diaspora upon the writing of North America. Themes covered by this collection include: literary constructions of colonial and post-colonial American identity; the linguistic and literary impact of Scots vernacular verse in the United States; polemical writings by Ulster-Scots émigrés on slavery; Presbyterianism and transatlantic politics; life histories of Ulster emigration; and the inter-relation between Irish poets, such as Seamus Heaney, and American writing. For a full list of contents, please see button at right.

Contributors: Michael Montgomery (U South Carolina), Peter Gilmore (Carlow U), Carol Baraniuk (U Glasgow), Patrick Spero (Williams College), Richard K. MacMaster (U Florida), Leith Davis (Simon Frazer U), Brian Lambkin (Ulster American Folk Park), Daniel Tobin (Emerson College), Johanne Devlin Tre (UU), Bill Lazenbatt (UU).